"I started twisting as "Really The Clown" in
1980.  Over the years since, twisting has
become an ever expanding art medium.    A
few years ago, I decided that I would expand
my skills further by also offering balloon
decorating and fashion couture.  
I chose "Twist A Mint" as balloon twisting and
decorating name from, in part, mint farming.  
It is well known and established in the
Clinton County and surrounding area.
As an advanced, 5 star balloon artist, I am
able to twist and weave for you to enjoy
dozens upon dozens of different, varitions,
and unique balloon creations.  They include
airplanes, aliens, animals, bears, birds, bugs,
clowns, crowns, costumes, dogs, fish,
flowers, hats (even gigantic sized ones),
goofy characters, hearts, hitchhikers,
reptiles, surprise look alike tributes, "under
the glass" twists, wild / crazy balloon
sculptures, and many, many other very
wonderful art designs."
All kinds of
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Balloon twisting has evolved from the simple balloon animal days of long ago
to an established art form using many balloons of all types and sizes.  It is
amazing and fun to watch artists manipulate and form pliable latex, long
balloons from one inch to six inches in  diameter into creative, imaginative,
and even wild designs.  A few may incorporate round balloons and may even
use Helium fillings to make that special sculpture and event.
Some fancy designs using several balloons may take several minutes to
make although most take but a minute or two.  Even though designs have
become diversified the simple quick ones such as the dog, giraffe, sword, and
flower are still popular requests.  
Balloon art has gone world wide as an ambassador of good will and friendship
touching the hearts of young and old alike with lasting memories. When
someone receives a spontaneous gift, it brightens their day. When their day
is brighter, they tend to spread it on to others making the world a better place
for all.  
Children love balloon art, and so do adults, although some won't admit it.  
Businesses and corporations are discovering that the popularity of balloon
designs and logos for events raise the recall level of their goods and
services.   It has proven itself, over and over again, as a valuable promotional
investment to consider and use.
Watch your guest's anticipated eyes light up when they are presented with  
colorful, exquisite balloon creations shaped into hearts, flowers, teddy bears
on hearts, flowers on hearts, animals holding flowers, and even teddy bears
stuffed into clear balloons.  Smiles will come on the faces of your guests at
your event when they wear a balloon hat made special for them. These
always become such thankful, treasured moments to remember, photograph,
and record.
Balloons Around The World
October 7th, 2009
The World Of Balloon Art

From The Balloon Twister "Twist A Mint"
St. Johns, Michigan
I can travel, if needed, to other areas.  
Prices reflect current fuel pricing and
balloon designing needed for your event.

Please call
 989-224-0331  for assistance
and booking arrangements.  Thanks.
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Twisting at Alex's Duck Duck Run Charity Event in St. Joseph, Michigan
.. Balloon Art Availability
Balloon art is a very diverse and unique media of expression which is used around the
world.  You may purchase this incredible art form at flower stores, balloon stores, or a
person who is a balloon twister.  Flower stores and balloon stores are very similar in
what they do.  Both stores use the same creative design techniques.
The differences between Flower Stores and Balloon Stores are Florists use mostly live
flowers with occaisional balloon accents and Balloon Arrangers use balloons with
mostly silk or a few live flower accents.  
Then, thirdly, you have Balloon Twisters.  They use nearly all types of balloons. They
make twisted and woven sculptures with some creative accents that can include
most anything including candy bars and high fashion balloon couture.
There are many examples of balloon
art around the world
A Balloons Around The World
Official 2009 Artist