Harold's  "Xanthonian Theater"
Proudly Presents...  "The Queen of Fruits"
Have fun learning about Xanthones and Mangosteen "Queen of the fruits".  
Xango, 3Sixty5, and Glimpse are her derivative juice, vitamins, and skin care
which contains the Xanthones that have anti-inflamatory and anti-oxidant
properties.  These are very beneficial to our bodies.  In addition, we also
have Pericarp Oil, Mineral Treatment, and Eleviv (formerly X51).
Being consistent with the amount and frequency, as instructed per usage,
provides our system with very powerful cell nutrition, rebuilding, balancing,
and protection attributes.  There are a great many convincing testimonials
which support a worthwhile three to five month trial of these products.
After trying the products, you may add your convincing testimonial to the
ever growing list of product satisfied users.

For more information go to: http://www.glimpsebeforeandafter.com .   To
research the company and it's full line of products you may visit
http://www.xango.com .
For purchasing instructions, distributor-ships, or rates for other services,
call, email, or write to me. Contact-info is below.

I also do
balloon decor and entertain professionally as a balloon twister,
a vent puppeteer, or a
clown.  I am also a net worker that uses Web 2.0
Marketing as an avenue for
Web Wealth.  I am Bible knowledgeable.  I
share some of my knowledge on Tee Shirts which are purchasable through
Our Store.
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Act One  Part 1..... The introduction...
Now available, all natural Eleviv (formerly X51) by Xango...
for the Tired, Stressed, and Depressed ...Feel Refreshed...    
"It is like a vacation in a bottle!"...

Boost energy levels
Promote vigor (mental & physical
Promote relaxation
Reduce stress
Improve mood
Promotes restful sleep
Restore mental alertness/acuity

Distributor's low price ~ $25/week  or ~ $55/month
view a video
Join Xango and this promotion
Please contact me to purchase this product retail.  Thank
You.  Also, phone or email me when you join for more
information and your freebies.
All products have a 30 day  
moneyback guarantee on them.

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