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Understanding The Bible
What is the Bible?  The Bible is a collection of writings and sayings of various authors which gives a
history of the beginning of the earth, its people, the interactions of the people with The Creator or King
Of The Universe, and lays a foundational, directional guidance for the living of one's life.  The first five
books are considered
Divinely inspired by one called God, who is The Creator, or King Of The
Universe.  The rest are considered very, strongly influenced by God, The Creator, or King Of The
Universe.  Even among these there are passages and sayings that are considered
Divinely inspired
by God.  For this reason the collective book is called the
Holy Bible.  Believers in it have the fervent
faith that the Bible is the actual and direct words of God to the people of earth.

Bible Contents...  There are variances in the number of books that are contained within it from
religion to religion.  Because it is not standardized but each number accepted as complete to those
particular theological concepts, there is room to interject discussion for thought, other mentionable
works, books, and art that might be pertinent to peaceful
Interfaith and All Faith concepts in our ever
growing global community.

Interfaith And All Faith Concepts...  These are concepts that give a base and space by which
we can live globally and peacefully without war and theological domination, yet allowing each and all
individuals to objectively decide the best course for their faith.  This is by no means diluting or
destroying the purity of any particular theology, but rather searching and establishing the best platform
to relate to one another.