The Forensic Cross
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The Forensic Cross
The Forensic Cross
What is a Forensic Cross?  The Forensic Cross
is the used cross that remained after Jesus,
Yeshua, was removed and laid to rest in the tomb.  
It is the cross that God and the followers of Christ
saw after removing the body from the cross.  It has
all the blood, hair, bits of skin, sweat and other
relevant DNA that bears witness that Yesua,
Jesus, was the person crucified on it.  It also
bears witness that a crucifixion as described in the
scriptures had taken place on this particular
cross.  It reflects the stigmata.  It further reveals
sacrificial completion.  The Forensic Cross is the
next view of the cross after the Crucifix, the cross
which shows Jesus, Yeshua, still attached to the
cross.  It is said that the original Forensic Cross
was pieced out as token souvenirs to churches
and believing followers of Christ to inspire miracle
Why should we observe the Forensic Cross?  It is a pictoral display signifying the completion of an event in
Christian history.  There are those among Christians that feel that Yeshua, Jesus hanging on the cross
visualized by the Crucifix is symbolic of the Catholic Church, puts Him back, symbolically, on the cross every time
you view it, and belittles the fact that we serve a risen Savior.  The first is the strongest because there are those
denominations that support that separation.  The Forensic Cross is a meeting place of all faiths.  It is equally
powerful and useful to enhance one's faith.
How should it be used?  It should be used during communion as a series of stations.  First visualize the Crucifix,
then the Forensic Cross, the tomb with Jesus, Yeshua laying in a burial cloth, and then the Empty Tomb with the
Risen Christ.  None should ever be skipped.  It is a complete sequence that restores power to the church.  
Believe it or not.
What About Other Crosses?  There are other crosses.  Some are plain, some are fancy, and there is one with a
purple cloth draped around it.  These are useful for witnessing the basic faith. Let us not forget. Because
forensics is now used to establish fact, it is time for the Forensic Cross to take its rightful place among the
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