Sand Art

My affinity for sand began in 1979 when I met my soon to be wife at a Christian beach gathering.  Her
best friend dared her to throw sand at me.  She did and a couple of months later we were seriously
dating.  In April of 1980 we became man and wife.
During early 1994 I saw a carnival concession that featured putting colored sand, layer by layer in
bottles.  After checking it out further, I decided to go into the Sand Art Business.  Since then, I have
expanded the business to include Sand Candle Art and Beach Sand Treasure bags.

How Sand Art Is Made

A customer buys an empty bottle.  Then he/she proceeds to fill the bottle via a funnel, layer by layer with
brightly colored or colorful sand.  When it is full, it is compacted to remove trapped air.  When this is
completed and filled properly, a cork or cap is put into place.  It is then ready to go home with the
customer.  It possible to make pictures and/or designs in the sand as it is filled.  When completed, it is a
beautiful remembrance of the occaision.  

Sand Candle Art

Sand Candle Art starts the same as sand art with layers of sand.  Near the top, colored/scented wax
beads are used instead of sand and in some cases a votive candle is also placed in the center of the
glass container.

Beach Sand Treasure Bags

These are bags filled with beach colored sand.  In the sand are placed gemstones, seashells, small
toys, rings, etc.  The customer buys a bag.  The contents are poured into a sifting unit.  Then the sand is
sifted by moving the sand back and forth with a sifting unit.  The sand filters through the screen into a
receptacle.   When completed the discovered treasures remain on top of the wire screen sifter.    These
are placed in a bag for the customer to take home.

Sand Art, Sand Candle Art, Beach Sand Treasure Bags
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