Harold's  "Xanthonian Theater"
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Proudly Presents "The Queen Of Fruits"
Act One  Part 2.....Why Xango Products...
When anyone first encounters "The Queen Of Fruits" it is natural to ask
"What is it?"  It was for me.  Here is the answer and why I chose to use
Xango Products.
It is a small tangerine sized fruit, purplish in color, from Southeast Asia,
called Mangosteen.  The rind of this fruit has been used for medicinal
purposes since, at least, the Ming Dynasty about a six hundred and forty
years ago.  The white fruit inside has an exquisite taste of a citrus
flavored vanilla, peach ice cream.  Since the Queen of England
complimented and highly extolled the  finely, exquisite taste of this
particular fruit, it has been called "The Queen Of Fruits".
I first encountered Mangosteen in the early spring of 2008 while visiting a
friend, who was also being introduced by one his friends to a marvelous
beverage called Xango.  His friend gave me the leftover bottle of juice
(28th wedding anniversary gift) and invited the both of us to a Saturday
Seminar.  After hearing all of the wonderful testimonials including one
about its usage for pets, I decided to join the ranks of drinkers and
distributors.  I can verify through experience that the products perform
amazingly well.
I am part of a down-line with a fabulous history.  Their story begins with
her, Mary, looking for something to help her sister with cancer.  She
ordered the product for her sister to try but her sister sadly passed away
before being able to use it.  So she decided to drink it herself.  After a few
weeks she notice that she was able to do things without the usual
accompanied pain.  She began to tell her other friends who noticed
Mary's difference and they tried the product too with similar and amazing
results.  Shortly thereafter, her friends asked her about the business side
of the product.  To which she replied, "I will look into it."  
She did and found out that the company was the fasted growing company
in Direct Selling history.  It was first started in November of 2002.  It has
produced more millionaires during its short history than any other
company on the planet.  In about a year, she and her husband, John,
have ascended to the rank of Premier which have sales in the excess of
$50,000 per month.
Today, the company, has beside its whole fruit Mangosteen juice called
"Xango", top of the line vitamins called "3Sixty5", and their newest skin
care product called "Glimpse" which is excellent for any skin irritation
problem. Xango products are safe even for children to use.    
I have since heard, seen videos, and read countless more testimonials of
satisfied product users.   Percentages for satisfaction, taste, and
effectiveness run well into the mid to upper eighties.  Their products are
also guaranteed for 30 days.  Because of this, I very highly recommend
that you try the products for yourself.  I believe that you will like them too.
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